The peony’s soft, delicate fragrance and stunning flowers are beloved for their beauty. Delicate and  fragrant  floral  scents envelop the velvety petals of the peony. There are so many reasons to love the peony flower.

Peonies symbolize prosperity, positive energy, and idyllic beauty.

The peony has an inspiring motif that is notated throughout history. The influence of the peony in fashion design was established early in China. Included on Chinese porcelain, and intricate vases, the peony was known for its association to the imperial family, it became a symbol of wealth, love and honor.

Flower Power

The distinctive peony motif came into full bloom in the 20th century as Japanese obis and kimonos, and exquisite silk robes featured the unfurling petals of the peony. In Japan they are seen as a symbol of bravery, and good fortune. Netsuke, or miniature sculptures, originating in Japan, were carved from the mother-of-pearl featured the pretty peony.  In the fashion world, peonies have represented an iconic symbol of love, prosperity, and good luck. 


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